Evgenii Mosunov
Xiaomi Regional PR Manager for Russia and the CIS

"We've had great collaboration with Integma and are very satisfied with the results. Right now we are working together in several different areas, and it all began with an event which was so vivid and memorable thanks to the agency's team. Their creative approach, ability to work with tight deadlines, and their high level of client focus is what we value about Integma, and they 100% meet our expectations."

Julia Gulitskaya
Director of Advertising, Kurs Group Distribution, L'Etoile division

"With Integma we've successfully implemented several projects. Their high level of professionalism, pro-activeness, ability to listen to and understand their clients, and thinking outside the box is what I especially like about this team. In 2020 the agency celebrated its 10-year anniversary, keep up the great work and I wish you new victories!"

Anastasia Aksenova
Marketing Director Club, NetWork, Mudo, Oxxo (FIBA Retail)

«We have been working with Upside for about 10 years and have managed to become for each other not only reliable, proven partners and like-minded, making successful projects for the benefit of the development of our brands in Russia, but also together we have implemented many successful cases in the field of organizing events and working with leader’s opinions and digital activities. The Upside team is young, dynamic, responsible and always pleasant people that you can rely on. We sincerely wish you & your team the prosperity, new interesting projects and further successful development».

Borislav Belukhin
Project Manager, Xiaomi Russia & CIS

«Together with Integma, we put in place Xiaomi's most sophisticated projects ever in Russia. You can always rely on colleagues — their professionalism and commitment to always deliver perfection are unquestionable. We will definitely continue our successful award-winning collaboration! I’m grateful to the Integma team for unforgettable years of cooperation!»

Alena Surinovich
CEO of Lumene

"Our partnership with Integma began at a very crucial moment - that of Lumene's total rebranding on the international and Russian markets. And we're glad that we weren't mistaken with our choice of agency. Thanks to the well-thought-out communication strategy they created, we were able not only to maintain the brand's popularity in Russia, but also to win favor with those who weren't familiar with the brand before. Today we are working on several different projects with Integma, because we and our central office are sure that they won't lead us astray."

Natalia Tumanova
Payot Director of Public Relations

"We've been working with Integma for almost 4 years. Every year, the breadth of tasks we entrust to the agency grows. It would have been possible to involve other people, such as niche specialists, but there are several reasons we don't do this. First and foremost is trust. Throughout our partnership together, many different things have come up, but the Integma team solved every complication that appeared in a timely, adequate, and proper manner. Secondly, the agency's processes and pricing show maximum transparency. Third is that they always do a little more than is stated in the contract. And I'm not talking here about extra work or bonuses, but involvement. About the fact that they work together with us on things that aren't directly related to the task at hand, dive into the question, give advice, contacts, recommendations. This is very important. And, finally, emotions. It's pleasant to work with Integma; the team is filled with lovely people, and we are genuinely happy to work with them."

Inna Minkova
PR Manager, PUPA Milano Russian

«We live in an era of rapid change, when several equations with many unknowns need to be solved at the same time. The beauty industry is making headway, and the Pupa brand provides ample proof as it launches new top-quality product collections that comply with the latest trends. Such fast-paced development and constant progress call for a reliable partner! I want to thank the amazing Integma team for always being there for us! Your reliability and responsibility, your attitude, sense of style and support are priceless! Anya, Olya, always up!»

Marina Mikhalitsyna
Senior Marketing Communications Manager at Shiseido/Nars/ ClédePeauBeauté

«For us, the main selection criteria for an agency include its extensive expertise, customized approach, and how fast they turn a project into reality, and this is why we choose Integma. The ideas put in place by the agency’s team were ranked among the top projects across the European markets. And still the agency’s key value is its team, rather than its successful cases. I hope and wish there are many more amazing projects in store for them!»‎

Mira Bruman
Founder and CEO of Tonka Perfumes Moscow

"We trust all our projects only to Integma, because we know that we're always going to receive 360-degree service. The agency's team formed before our eyes, and it objectively has the best specialists. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank them for our first press-breakfast, which was absolutely perfect. And for what I'm sure will be an incredibly modern and convenient online store. We're glad to have found ourselves in such good hands."

Medina Ismailova
Head of Advertising and PR Department at the chain "Podruzhka"

"When developing a chain of retail stores, it is important to be confident that you have a responsible, professional contractor at your side, working efficiently. These are precisely the qualities which we so value in the agency. Their extensive expertise, understanding of client targets, and excellent team are the criteria we used to choose Integma."

Ivan Volkov
Head of the Sinclair Pharma affiliate branch in Russia

 “On opening a representative office in Russia in 2020, we were meticulous about the process of agency selection in the field of digital marketing. We are glad that we were not mistaken. Apart from the professional competence of the Integma team we want to recognise the high level of involvement, the desire to improve all the time, and the intention to achieve groundbreaking results regardless of the project scope. We thank Integma as a reliable partner in creating a new page in the history of the Sinclair Company – its successful entry into the cosmetic market of Russia”.

Elina Mikhailovskaia
PR manager

“The Agency's longstanding experience in working with influencers was the determining factor for us when selecting Integma as a partner. We have to say that the start of our partnership took place during the summer of 2020 – a rather difficult period, when all sales were carried out in online stores. The bloggers' support was especially important for us. Thanks to Integma we managed to enlarge brand audience as well as to start our "Zarina" system of promotional codes. The influencers share these promotional codes with their subscribers. As a customer we value the efficiency of these influence marketing campaigns – the results of Integma are measurable and they meet our expectations”.

Anastasiia Kirichenko
Brand Manager

“We have already implemented two social network campaigns for the biggest projects in our company, working with Integma. The responsibility was great, and I am glad to say that we made the right choice. The work was comfortable from the very beginning of the partnership: all our requests and specific requirements were taken into consideration, we could feel our partner's desire to immerse themselves in the task and to achieve the very best outcomes. The results not only exceeded the agreed targets twofold, but also exceeded the previous year's result (when we set up the campaigns ourselves) fourfold. We particularly want to recognise the managers' work, their support at every stage of the partnership and their readiness to answer any questions. Such a combination of professional competence and customer-oriented approach is not easy to find on the market”.

Julia Dutheil
Director of Brand Development and Marketing Communications, Geox Russia

“Professionalism, pursuit of the best results, and a deep immersion in the client’s business are what distinguish Integma. We have been working with the agency for four years and trust them beyond a doubt with a wide variety of projects. Their colleagues successfully manage several areas on an ongoing basis and organize all of our client and PR events. With a partner like Integma, we can easily and powerfully move forward to reach new heights!"