PR and influencer marketing. We have been working with both domestic and international brands for 15 years

  • PR-support
  • Influence Marketing
  • Promotion of goods and services

Our portfolio includes successful partnerships in PR and influencer marketing with major international and domestic companies representing various industries; from fashion, beauty, and health to construction and technology

We were among the pioneers of Influence marketing in Russia and have built relationships with both macrobloggers who have millions of followers and nanoinfluencers who have become experts in niche segments

Building effective communication, creating and strengthening the connection between brands and their target audiences, working with a company's image and reputation: these are the main tasks we perform, and we do it professionally

Our clients

Viktor Nikitin

Head of Digital Communications Department at Sportmaster

We are very greatful to the Upside team for excellent customer service, deep expertise, focus on results and impressive creativity. The agency team has made a huge contribution to the development of Sportmaster brands. We are pleased to cooperate with such a reliable partner.

Dmitry Grobov

Xiaomi Marketing Director

Over the years of working together, Upside and Xiaomi have become true partners. We can’t even count how many times the agency team helped us in seemingly hopeless situations, found solutions, and we moved forward. The agency has proven in practice that strict deadlines and budget conditions are not an obstacle for them. For which we are extremely grateful to them!

Maria Gaiter

Marketing Director at Stockmann

There are not so many agencies with fashion expertise on the Russian market. The Upside is one of them, and I can say that it is one of the best. We are successfully implementing the project together on social networks. The agency team demonstrates not only expertise, but also the ability to listen to a partner, as well as creativity, high reaction and the level of responsibility.