Social Media Marketing for Zarina
JULY 2020 - JUNE 2021

In summer 2020, the team for Russian brand Zarina invited Integma to work on creating partnerships with opinion leaders. In less than a year, we implemented over 60 integrations with the biggest authorities in fashion and lifestyle blogging, including Marianna Eliseeva, Maria Chervotkina, Dasha Kostromitina, Katya Gousset, and Irma Oganova.

In addition to image projects, we completed over 12 campaigns focused on online sales via unique promo codes that bloggers shared with their followers in reviews.

reviews on Instagram

Fashion bloggers published photo galleries with looks based on current collections.

Maria Chervotkina
Irma Oganova
Uliana Belova
Video posts on Instagram

A third of the posts were published in video format. Among the bloggers who highlighted the brand's collections were Katya Gousset and Marianna Eliseeva.

Daria Sherbakova
Marianna Eliseeva
Katya Gousset
Online store promotion

During the partnership, online store visits increased due to greater conversions from social media.
Bloggers integrated links to different products and shared their personalized discount codes for the online store in their collection reviews.

YouTube integration

Advertising integration on the popular YouTube shows "Strelets the Great" by Nadia Strelets and "The life of others" by Zhanna Badoeva. (tr. note: Strelets the Great/ Nadia Strelets can also be "Sagittarius the Great" and Nadia Sagittarius, respectively)

TikTok Integration

In addition to Instagram and YouTube, we used integration on TikTok as well. Top fashion tik-tokkers, including Masha Park, Viktoria Odintsova, and Olesya Potipako, talked about Zarina collections.

Partnership results
> 13,5 million
Number of unique users
> 52,5 million
Technical reach
Number of publications
> 840 000
Number of reactions

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