Xiaomi x Yandex Alice at the Chess & Jazz Festival

august 2022

The Chess and Jazz Festival in Moscow's Hermitage garden always has a great line-up, wonderful atmosphere, stylish visitors, and intellectually stimulating games. We developed and implemented the brand presence concept for two great brands at this year's Chess and Jazz Festival: Xiaomi, and the Yandex Alice voice assistant. Their stand became the center of attention for all the festival's visitors.


We wanted to organically implement the Xiaomi and Yandex Alice stand into the park's landscape, architecture, and green surroundings. The design was based on flowing, curved lines which allowed us to gracefully flow in the space among the trees. We chose white as the main color to frame the space - it combined the brand identity and aesthetics of these two companies, without creating competition between them.


Area zoning

The stand consisted of two main zones: the demo, where Smart Home devices from Xiaomi and Alice were presented, and a spacious lounge zone. To attract festival-goers and encourage them to spend as much time as possible at the stand, we aimed to create a beautiful, open space with a wide variety of ways to relax and enjoy themselves. Every visitor could charge their smartphone here.


Demo area

Lounge area

Active games


The stand had a lot of entertainment for both adults and children alike: quadrapong, "Chess Pong" with rackets shaped like chess pieces, Techno Scrabble with technological terms, and other games. There were hourly prizes from Xiaomi, so many people left the stand with not only good impressions, but gifts too.


Guess & Win online game

We developed the game Guess & Win specially for the festival, with the Mi Bunny as the main star. In a gamified format, visitors to the stand could get to know the unique features of Xiaomi and Yandex Alice devices designed to make life more comfortable.

New Cases