1 december 2020 — 25 december 2020

XIAOMI's philosophy: innovations for all. In accordance with its mission, the brand is pushing back the limits, presenting its Mi 10T flagman series that embodies innovation in the premium segment.

The Mi 10T series is not just an amazing synergy of creativity and power. It is a creative factory that, thanks to its camera features, software and design inspires personal expression and helps discover one's creative potential through taking photos and recording videos.

The capsule collection created by AYTɅO for XIAOMI discovers the unique capabilities of the new flagman product. The collection's main idea is: As above so below. It rethinks the smartphone's functionality, demonstrating the concept of the new Mi 10T colour filters: Cyberpunk, Gold Vibes, Black Ice and Color Focus.

Философия XIAOMI — инновации для каждого

Purposes and Objectives

To propose a creative concept for Mi 10T teasing campaign.

To draw the attention of fashion-forward and creative people.

To demonstrate the unique capabilities of the smartphone that let users discover their creativity.


To implement the project, we invited the avant-garde street fashion brand AYTɅO loved by young people, asking them to create a capsule collection for the premium series of XIAOMI smartphones.

The brand is known by its independent, bold and bright design, which absolutely goes in line with the character of Mi 10T.

The look book and the video were shot in Kabardino-Balkaria, at the foothills of Mount Elbrus, in front of snowy mountains and mysterious abandoned mansions.

All the photo and video content was created with Mi 10T Pro to demonstrate the unique capabilities of the smartphone's camera and its new colour filters.

All photo created with
Mi 10T PRo
Mi 10T PRo
All photo created with

key visual

The basic idea of the collection was the connection between the macroworld and the microworld.

The collection combines ancient alchemy and contemporary science, revolutionary ideas of quantum mechanics and singularity discovered by the Russian genius Grigory Perelman. Colourful prints depict the patterns of eye retina neurons. The colour palette was inspired by Mi 10T colour filters.

One of the collections' prints is now used in Mi 10T's ad campaign.

Capsule Collection

As a result of this collaboration, a capsule collection of 9 items was created.

The design was inspired by Mi 10T colour filters:

  • «Cyberbank»
  • «Gold Vibes»
  • «Black Ice»
  • «Color Focus»


Popups and Branding at Tsvetnoy

The collection is presented in a special corner at Tsvetnoy Department Store.


To support the project in the social media, we invited influencers. 70 blogger told about the project within a day.

OTS was over 12,700,000

Ad Campaign

We developed all the creative material for digital ads.

Media Coverage of the Project

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