Social media content management for Trend Island

June - November 2022
(partnership ongoing)

Starting from summer 2022, we have been providing SMM support for the department store Trend Island AVIAPARK, a conceptual fashion space with alternative areas to spend time in. Combining corners from 128 progressive and affordable brands, the department store allows customers to build a modern wardrobe all in one place. It also presents the opportunity to attend lectures on style, art, and architecture, as well as all kinds of master classes. Our main objectives have been expanding their audience through social networks, attracting the attention of young people, and generating interest in Trend Island as a unique shopping area where it is pleasant, interesting and useful to spend your free time.


  1. Build awareness of Trend Island as a department store featuring the most progressive brands and collections by talented Russian designers
  2. Communicate the advantages of Trend Island as a conceptual fashion space
  3. Create an emotional connection with followers
  4. Inform about the selection and offerings at the department store and the brands it represents, converting brand awareness into consideration and purchases


  1. Develop a unique look & feel for the brand on social media
  2. Develop a content strategy and rubric
  3. Diversify content with new formats
  4. Use relevant promotional tools
  5. Integrate the brand into influencer storytelling
  6. Maintain interest in Trend Island as a place to spend time through event announcements

Video content

We use dynamic reels to show pop-up brands, corners, and new collections, as well as highlight client days and lecture hall events. Creative videos help us attract a new audience and reinforce the perception of Trend Island as a stylish and modern space.



When creating stories, we often use interactive formats with voting and reactions. The target audience reacts most actively to this type of content. We regularly post stories with selections of fashion tips and lifehacks from AVIAPARK concierges.


Contests and prizes

We host contests with brands represented by Trend Island to win prizes: gift certificates, bright clothing and accessories from current collections. For example, we hosted a contest with Solo U where followers could win a jean jacket - a hit from their summer collection.

Social media branding

Each month we update social media branding: cover photos, profile bios, as well as monthly calendars for followers. This is how we diversify perception of Trend Island social media accounts and maintain followers' interest in them.

Fashion calendars

For the calendars, we use Trend Island's seasonal campaigns. Stylish, inspirational images look fantastic as wallpapers for users' smartphones and computers, and followers love the idea.


Seeding on social media

To more actively inform the audience about important events at the department store, we activated popular Telegram channels. As a result of seeding, our reach was >63000.


Blogger partnerships

We created a pool of loyal Trend Island bloggers and are constantly expanding it. Influencers give an independent evaluation of the brands and collections, which builds trust in the department store and reinforces its position as a shopping space with the most progressive and promising brands.





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