Tucan & Cake
Corporate Identity
September 2020

During the Covid pandemic, we decided to support local small businesses and announced a business pimp contest on Instagram. The winner was Tucan & Cake, a young children's wear brand.

Our branding  and marketing experts performed the brand's audit and created a new brand platform, visual identity and SMM strategy.

Contest Expectations

«I bumped into the contest announcement on Instagram. I never believed in such contests, but I went on reading about the agency, clients, their campaigns and experience and decided to take a chance. The contest conditions were easy and did not require much effort. To say the truth, I did not have any serious expectations. In general, such big agencies are not interested in small brands like mine, I just did not see any sense in it.
When  I won , I thought I would just get a SMM plan or something, and of course, I did not expect to get such great and in-depth work done for free».

Olga Tsybina, the founder of Tucan & Cake


  • To show how all aspects of a business can be rethought to achieve a qualitative growth
  • To build an integral brand image
  • To differentiate the brand


  • Market and audience research
  • Analysis of the company's growth areas
  • Development of positioning, communication platform and brand identity
  • Development of a new approach to SMM and social media relaunch

Target Audience

The audience of Tucan & Cake are intuitive mothers. Emotional connection with the child is the most important thing for them. They try to feel the needs of the children and respond to them.

Intuitive mothers do not believe in traditional education. They are convinced that the child's personality and character start to show from his/her first days. Their task is to let this personality grow and reach its full potential.

The problem of the intuitive mother is that she feels pressure from traditional and rationally thinking mothers. The society encourages you to prepare and think in advance as opposed to following your instincts, trusting the moment and your own feelings about yourself and your child. Born to feel, she does not dare to let it go.

Strategic Solution

Tucan & Cake is an ally of intuitive mothers.

The Mission of Tucan & Cake We help to strengthen the emotional connection between mother and child by letting them choose the clothes together.

The main thing is to make the child comfortable wearing the clothes and choosing them. To make the garments truly soft, we use quality eco-silk. We work on each detail for the child to feel absolutely comfortable.

The brand's main topic is the world of nature. By understanding the children's feeling, we are getting closer to the nature.

Tucan & Cake. Feel the connection

Corporate Identity

«Tucans are a group of birds. There are more than 10 types of them with different colours. In the process of drawing, new details would come up: we added branches, leaves, changed the posture and the colors. The gravure was created by the Spanish artist Oscar Blanco. In addition to the logo, we designed a pattern inspired by South America's jungle; we developed fonts and the colour palette, designed the key brand carriers, such as labels and packages».

Alexander Rasputin,Integma Art Director


«My project was taken very seriously. By now, they have improved the logo manually, developed a new corporate and visual identity. They treat us, a small young children's wear brand, as if we were a large and important customer. I feel a lot of respect and admiration because of it. I was especially impressed with the expertise of the agency’s Art Director Alexander Rasputin who was in charge of the creative process: he considered all my wishes and even exceeded my expectations.
We also had a photo shoot with children. It required a lot of preparation
and deeply impressed me. There is still a lot to be done: we will work with bloggers, redesign the website, develop a SMM plan. I can hardly believe how much professional support I have got for free in this hard time and how significant and useful this support is».

Olga Tsybina,the founder of Tucan & Cake

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