Development of the Tonka Perfumes Moscow packaging design.

March 2022

For the first time, Russian brand Tonka Perfumes Moscow released perfumed body care products as part of its "Lure by Mira" line, which also contains interior fragrances. We aimed to highlight both the sensuality and nobility of this fragrance while designing the packaging. This is exactly how modern "Lure" looks - minimalistic and reserved, but with an even stronger urge to uncover the source of its seduction and captivation.


To create a series of packaging for the new "Lure by Mira" line, reflecting the product concept and making it stand out from the others. Design plays a decisive role in purchasing perfumes - it is important to not only attract the customer's attention, but also to convey something about the product itself through the package design.


The "Lure by Mira" line was created by Mira Bruman, which is reflected in the logo: the text "Mira" echoes the creator's autograph. The contrast in fonts conveys the playful, seductive nature of the fragrance, on which all the line's products are based. Two versions of the logo were developed for different formats.

Main version of the logo

Additional version of the logo

Color palette and typography

Two colors were chosen for the color palette. Soft pink symbolizes the body's sensuality and natural beauty. Black is an accent, used to add contrast.

Tonka Pink

RGB 253 238 246
CMYK 0 10 0 0

Tonka Dark

RGB 0 2 15
HEX 00020F
CMYK 100 79 44 93

A minimalistic typography reflects the modern approach to creating products and their premium quality. Moreover, in this way we emphasized the absence of anything superfluous; Tonka Perfumes Moscow fragrance compositions are created from pure essential oils.

"The 'Lure by Mira' line was created for women who aren't afraid to talk about seduction and are ready to have an affair with themselves. The only way we can give love to someone else is by first loving ourselves and our bodies, and I'm glad that we were able to convey this idea through the design.

Working with Integma was incredibly smooth, we understood one another from the very beginning. I consider this team to be one of the most professional on the Russian market, and if asked for a recommendation, I would recommend only them."

Mira Bruman


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