Influencer marketing campaign for Shiseido

April–May 2021

To support Shiseido’s highly anticipated new product, Ginza Eau de Parfum, we launched an influencer marketing campaign involving varied yet unfailingly talented influencers to contribute to the project by sharing with their audiences the news of the product that celebrates the complete range of feminine qualities: fragility and strength, prudence and passion, lightness and toughness.


Ginza is a conceptual fragrance that captures the multivercity of contemporary women, while emphasizing the uniqueness of each one of them. Our main challenge was to build awareness of the new fragrance among audiences with different interests: fashion, beauty, art, search for opportunities for self-expression, etc. The effectiveness of the campaign was supposed to be measured not by the total number of mentions and subscribers (standard metrics), but by real reach — the number of unique users who saw the posts and interacted with them.


We involved opinion leaders who are perfectly matched to Shiseido’s powerful positioning and whose Instagram posts are vividly unique. The focus was not so much on their wide audience, as on the depth and quality of their content. Our heroines cannot boast the biggest audience of followers (the average OTS is 100,000), but they are well known in their niche, their audience is active and best fits the profile of potential Ginza buyers. Our many years of experience of working with bloggers empowered us to make the right choice.

Project headliners:

Yang Ge, actress, director, and singer

Anna Aivazyan, stylist and fashion blogger

Ksenia Molotkova, beauty blogger with a focus on perfumes


In order to make the content stand out in the media clutter, while looking organic, we worked with the Shiseido brand team to develop a detailed brief for each headliner. Underlying the briefs were the visual style and individual features of an influencer's account.

The striking original posts dedicated to Ginza aroused significant interest not only among the headliners' audiences, but also other opinion leaders. Following the project, many beauty- and fashion-bloggers published posts and stories about the new Shiseido perfume in their social media.


Average ER


Effective Reach

> 200 000

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