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Pupa Milano

Integma has been working with Pupa Milano for 5 years. Every year, together with the brand team, we take influencer marketing campaigns to the new level. In 2021, we set a course to build friendly and long-lasting relations with a short list of opinion leaders, celebrities and popular bloggers. Many of them fell in love with Pupa Milano and repeatedly reached for us with personal requests for skincare and makeup items. They also published more content featuring the brand than it was planned.

This time we decided to break the general structure of the case and tell about the most outstanding achievements of our year with Pupa Milano.

There were famous actresses and TV hosts among the opinion leaders who regularly support the brand in social networks.
Lyasan Utyasheva
TV host
4,9 M fanbase
Yulia Baranovskaya
TV host
2,7 M fanbase
Ravshana Kurkova
2,6 M fanbase
Katie Topuria
2,6 M fanbase
Agatha Mutsenietse
1,9 M fanbase
Valeria Dergileva
TV host
408K fanbase
We also worked with well-known beauty, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers who regularly published posts and stories to support Pupa Milano throughout the year.
Natalia Davydova
Wellness blogger
Marianna Eliseeva
Stylist, fashion blogger
Maria Tert
Beauty blogger
Toma Fatalieva
Makeup artist
Elena Bogdanovich
Makeup artist
Olya Osya
Beauty blogger
Stories & Reels
Posts in the feed remained the key format, but opinion leaders also actively published Stories and Reels.
Video posts
Video format was used in addition to static formats with the result and product description.
Toma Fatalieva
Makeup artist
Olya Osya
Beauty blogger
Daria Abramovskaya
Beauty blogger

«As a result of working together, we managed to create a project with maximum beauty concentration! Several factors contributed to this:

1. A large number of stunningly beautiful opinion leaders in Russia
2. High level of trust and love for PUPA products
3. Professionalism of Integma agency and well-coordinated teamwork»

Inna Minkova
PR PUPA Milano Russia
Thanks to the synergy of the agency and the client, we managed to get not only a wide coverage, but also to achieve an effective contact frequency with the audience of the selected opinion leaders throughout the year.
18.8 M
1.3 M

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